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Blog Sneak Peak

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Monday the 5th of December 2022

Hello father’s day

Sunday the 4th of December 2022

Would you like to join us ? πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Tuesday the 29th of November 2022


Friday the 25th of November 2022

See monkey at temple

Wednesday the 23rd of November 2022

Cha-am hau hin

Monday the 14th of November 2022

Get sick have fever

Friday the 11th of November 2022

I can’t remember what I’m eat..πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Wish everyone happy day 11.11

Thursday the 10th of November 2022

At cafe need photography πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Wednesday the 9th of November 2022

Loy krathong festival last night

Sunday the 6th of November 2022

Saturday the 5th of November 2022

Last night

Thursday the 3rd of November 2022

My work

Thursday the 27th of October 2022

My spicy food

Wednesday the 26th of October 2022

Phuket old town.

Tuesday the 25th of October 2022

Korain BBQ

Monday the 24th of October 2022

Thai boxing.

Sunday the 23rd of October 2022

Hello.Just get internet long time not post Phuket was flood big rain have clay slide Street block from kathu to patong Kamala to Patong can travel only street from chalong. Sometimes no electricity.I’m ok now hope no big rain again πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Wednesday the 14th of September 2022

In refrigerator have beers But I can drink only oishi green tea 😁🀣🀣 My buddish lent stop drinking for 3 months I’ll drink alcohol again next month

Tuesday the 13th of September 2022

crabs and spicy souse 😜😜 No one come join

Sunday the 11th of September 2022

Morning everyone Just wake up

Saturday the 10th of September 2022

My spicy seafood All the time I must say come join me.hahaha 🌢🌢🌢😜😘

Friday the 9th of September 2022

Long time not meet Starbucks Oh today so expensive for me hahaha 😁🀣 Need someone spoil 😊and join my day

Wednesday the 7th of September 2022

Who wanna share pomelo with me? 🀣🀣😜

Tuesday the 6th of September 2022

Chalong temple Pray for luck again Hope to win lotto 🀣🀣🀣🀣😁

Monday the 5th of September 2022

My honey toast I making myself. Very delicious

Tuesday the 30th of August 2022

Good morning everybody Drinking tea with me 😁😁

Saturday the 23rd of July 2022

At temple pray for lucky again

Thursday the 21st of July 2022

Mushroom season

Saturday the 16th of July 2022

Hard work at my farm rice

Tuesday the 12th of July 2022

Just have time for updates At my farm Season for Groves rice😁😁

Sunday the 19th of June 2022

Morning everyone At salon change my hair color 😁😁

Wednesday the 15th of June 2022

Exercise 😁😁

Monday the 13th of June 2022

Morning everyone

Friday the 10th of June 2022

Hello everyone 😊😊 Wish you had a nice Friday

Thursday the 9th of June 2022

Morning morning morning 😁❀️

Wednesday the 8th of June 2022

Not durian today. Change to custard apple😁😁😁

Tuesday the 7th of June 2022

Come join with me. Durian again 😁 The season of Durian have to hury to eat 1 year 1 time only 3 months

Monday the 6th of June 2022

Feel miss Phuket

Saturday the 4th of June 2022

Just miss my black hair😁😁

Friday the 3rd of June 2022

Charity and pray of my birthday ❀️❀️❀️ Thank you for someone wishes.

Tuesday the 31st of May 2022

My flavor color 😘😘😘

Sunday the 29th of May 2022

Come to join me 🍻

Saturday the 28th of May 2022

Need someone to spoil πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’ΈπŸ’΅

Friday the 27th of May 2022

Pray for good luck and good life 😊😊

Thursday the 26th of May 2022

Durian again 😁😁😁

Wednesday the 25th of May 2022

Cheers πŸ₯‚

Tuesday the 24th of May 2022

Holy place at Chachoengsao

Monday the 23rd of May 2022

Morning Monday.just wake up

Sunday the 22nd of May 2022

Hello Sunday. It’s raining a little bit boring

Saturday the 21st of May 2022

Good morning come enjoy durian with me😁😁😊😍😍

Friday the 20th of May 2022

Morning Friday 😁drink tea 🍡 with me?

Thursday the 19th of May 2022

Good morning…walking on beach at hua hin

Wednesday the 18th of May 2022

Praying for good luck at tako temple in Ayutthaya

Thursday the 29th of April 2021

Saturday the 24th of April 2021

Monday the 19th of April 2021

I am in Bangkok. My VIP client is leaving soon. I’ll be here alone and available for a few days soon if anyone wants to meet.

Sunday the 18th of April 2021

Saturday the 17th of April 2021

Still with my VIP client. Anyone tried contacting me before you will have to wait until I am finished with current client. Then I have A LOT of emails to β€œtry” to get through so please be patient.

Friday the 16th of April 2021

Thursday the 15th of April 2021

Happy Songkran

Wednesday the 14th of April 2021

Wish you and the family a blessed year ahead.

Monday the 12th of April 2021

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Thursday the 8th of April 2021

Having a great time with my VIP client. I am so lucky.

Thursday the 1st of April 2021

Wednesday the 31st of March 2021

Sunday the 21st of March 2021

Saturday the 20th of March 2021

Wednesday the 17th of March 2021

Saturday the 13th of March 2021

Tuesday the 2nd of March 2021

Thursday the 11th of February 2021

Wednesday the 27th of January 2021

Back in Phuket.

Friday the 22nd of January 2021

Friday the 6th of November 2020

Off as I travel for awhile. If looking for someone in Phuket try my friend Nunny or Nui.

Friday the 16th of October 2020

I want it. I got it!

Thursday the 15th of October 2020

Getting my nails done. This hand is now ready to give you a handjob. Want?

Tuesday the 13th of October 2020

Pumping iron.

Monday the 14th of September 2020

Shopping for groceries.

Saturday the 12th of September 2020

Another wonderful day.

Friday the 11th of September 2020

First few pictures were taken early this morning after I finished getting dressed. Later I went to the hospital to get my regular blood test done. I’m healthy and will be updating my STD free status here. I weighed in while at the hospital. I’ll update my weight also on my profile here. Last picture I just took as I am in bed.

I also added a new video I took today after I finished styling my hair. It’s in the Video Panel of my Private Photos page and Mickey said she’d add a button below inside the VIP Area on the Wall immediately after I post this.

Thursday the 10th of September 2020

Going shopping today for new supplies and equipment for my beauty salon.

Sunday the 6th of September 2020

Good night.

Friday the 4th of September 2020

I am available again. Very sorry to the VIP clients who booked me during this past couple weeks and I had to cancel. I wasn’t feeling good. I thought I could make the bookings but ended up deciding to check into the hospital where I’ve been for awhile. I am out now and have a big appetite as you can see! I haven’t had real food in awhile. My huge appetite isn’t just for food though as there is something else I haven’t had in awhile!

Saturday the 15th of August 2020

Keeping busy. Please not forget that I have some friends available in Phuket too.

Friday the 7th of August 2020

Thursday the 9th of July 2020

I am back in Phuket if anyone wants to meet.

Thursday the 2nd of July 2020

Last day at my home town. Will be back in Phuket tomorrow if anyone wants to meet. Sorry I have been away for awhile and not available for those of you who had requested we meet. I’ll be available again after tomorrow.

Wednesday the 24th of June 2020

I am very lucky to have a VIP client stuck in Thailand who can see me still while things are so slow.

Sunday the 21st of July 2019

Wanna join bed with me?

Tuesday the 18th of June 2019

Just taken

Friday the 14th of June 2019

Wednesday the 12th of June 2019

A nice relaxing night in a nice hotel with a wonderful client.

Friday the 18th of January 2019

I had a lot of fun with my customer last night.

Thursday the 5th of July 2018

Took these pictures last night. The hand gesture in the first picture is called a "verification sign". Different site I advertise at require different types of verifications to prove I am really me and not using someone else's pictures. So, I have been advertising at a particular site for years and PAID for an ad there even but then someone flagged. That means they didn't think it was really me in the pictures, that I was using someone else's pictures, or the pictures weren't accurate. So they pulled my ad and required I send in this verification picture to prove I am me. Yes, as you see, I am real. Maybe I look too good to be true, but I am real.

I sent this to them just now and they quickly approved my account and put my ad back as they are satisfied now that I am real.

Thursday the 5th of April 2018

Helping one of my girls with a booking today. Hotel was giving her a hard time about meeting the client but we managed to work it out but this particular hotel was more than difficult. I've explained to the girls how to answer the hotel questions so there is not usually any problems. I've also asked Mickey to make a list of hotels which are problems and she'll be doing that soon--she already has a list of hotels which are ok, but would also be nice to have a list of problem hotels so clients can avoid booking those. Most towns it's not a problem especially if the girl knows how to dress, act, and answer questions appropriately which I've trained the girls in Phuket how to do, but some hotels in Phuket are more a problem than other towns.

Here are some pictures of me a few days ago when I was at a hotel waiting to meet with a client and they tried giving me a hard time. I used some of my secret tips to answer the hotel staff which involved a story about me knowing the client but they were suspicious still and asked me "Does he have a beard or not?" I quickly answered, "Yes he does usually but I not sure if today as he sometimes will shave completely when on holiday." I didn't know if he had a beard or not but problem solved and they gave up testing me and called the client to come down and get me with no more problems.

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